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What Sets Us Apart

why Becket-Chimney Corners YMCA?

In today’s world, families often have a lot of choices when considering how their children spend their summers. Why camp? And why Becket-Chimney Corners YMCA?


A summer at Becket-Chimney Corners goes beyond filling time with fun activities. It’s an experience that surrounds a child with a supportive community and helps children develop life skills that will stay with them through the rest of their lives.

Values-Based Programming

Camp is an incredible opportunity for social-emotional development. At Becket-Chimney Corners YMCA, our programs are about much more than just activities. At the core of our program is the cabin group and the lessons that come from living together with other people. Through this experience, campers learn life skills and values that will serve them throughout their life. Each camp is guided by a unique set of goals and values, closely tied to our BCCYMCA values of community, commitment, belonging, and compassion.


Explore our camps to learn more about how values are integrated into the program experience.

Health and Safety

The safety and well-being of our campers and staff is our highest priority at Becket-Chimney Corners YMCA. Our year-round team of over 20 staff is dedicated to providing a positive experience for campers and their families. We know that to send your child away for the summer is an act of trust, and we work hard to support families throughout this experience.

Our Health & Safety Checklist - What Makes Us Stand Out

Technology Free Programs

By design, our camp experiences are unplugged and allow campers to step away from the pressure they experience in their digital lives. Without access to cell phones and computers, campers are given the freedom to focus on what’s right in front of them: friendships, community, and skill building.

4-Week Overnight Camps

Becket-Chimney Corners YMCA is one of the few remaining camps offering 4-week sessions. With over 100 years of experience, we know that 4-week sessions are foundational to our camp experience. Our programs are intentionally designed to support campers’ social-emotional growth. Four weeks allows campers to move through homesickness, build new skills, and develop strong relationships within their cabin groups — all of which have a life-changing impact.

Our Dedicated Staff Team

Becket-Chimney Corners YMCA is supported by a dedicated year-round team of over 20 camp professionals. In the summer months, we hire over 300 energetic seasonal staff who mentor campers, run activities, and bring the magic of camp to life.

Our camps are unique in that we have a high return rate for our summer staff and many of our staff have been through our programs themselves. This brings a level of continuity and dedication to our programs not seen everywhere. Each summer, our seasonal staff complete a fine-tuned and highly intentional staff training to prepare them for working with campers.

Our Location & Property

Nestled in Becket, Massachusetts, our camps span 1300 acres in the scenic Berkshire mountains, featuring three campuses, two private ponds, and extensive trails, offering a vast woodland home away from home for campers.

Children today need summer camp now more than ever. Find a place you belong, try new things in a low-pressure environment, and meet friends that will last a lifetime.

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