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Health & Safety

The health and safety of our campers is a top priority. At Becket-Chimney Corners YMCA, health and safety are all-encompassing and include physical, mental, emotional, and social health.

ACA Accredited

We are proud to be accredited by the American Camp Association (ACA), which provides rigorous standards in health, safety, and program quality. We go above and beyond the ACA’s standards to ensure all aspects of our program meet high standards of program delivery.


This camp must comply with the regulations of the Massachusetts Department of Public Health and be licensed by the local Board of Health.

On-Camp Health Resources

Chimney Corners Camp and Camp Becket each have an infirmary that offers general healthcare services for campers. Healthcare services at our camps are overseen by our healthcare consultants that include a pediatrician and/or a licensed nurse practitioner. On-site, a licensed registered nurse, PA, Certified EMT, or Medic, and a medical assistant (typically medical students or Certified Nursing Assistants) are available throughout the day and on-call at night. Medications are typically distributed during meal times and at night unless otherwise required. Medical staff treat the aches, pains, and skinned knees that often can happen at camp. They’re also good at providing just the right amount of TLC for first-time campers. Campers who need a higher level of care may be taken to a local urgent care facility or hospital emergency room approximately 30 minutes away. Local Ambulance Services are available and respond directly to camp in the event of an emergency. 


If your camper requires specialized medical care, please reach out to so a member of our team can review whether your camper’s needs are able to be reasonably accommodated.

Mental, Emotional, and Social Health

In addition to our on-camp Medical Team, our camps are supported by Community Life staff. The Community Life team supports the camp counselors and camp staff with skill training and individualized support in order to provide an environment for each camper to thrive during their time at camp. A Community Life staff member, who has professional experience in behavioral and/or social health is in residence in each overnight camp. Consulting Licensed Clinical Social Workers are also available to provide support to the Community Life team and Camp Leadership team throughout the summer for concerns regarding a camper’s well-being. Our Community Life team and social workers do not meet directly with campers and do not provide clinical services. Their role is to support our camp program staff and provide strategies for managing camper behavior.

Our goal is for all campers to have a positive and thriving summer experience while with us. Where possible, we occasionally support a camper by arranging for remote therapy sessions with their own therapist. However, we may not be able to meet the unique needs of someone currently under clinical psychiatric or mental health care by a professional outside of camp. We ask that you please be sure to honestly and openly complete all camp forms so that the Community Life team can be equipped to support our camp staff in offering a successful experience for your camper. While we strive to make reasonable accommodations for all campers, sometimes the unique needs of a camper may be beyond the camp’s capacity to effectively support them while in our programs.

Please be sure to email us at if you have any questions about your camper’s mental, emotional, and social well-being at camp. We welcome a conversation with you to determine if our camp is the right place for your camper.

Food Safety & Allergies

BCCYMCA currently contracts with Brock Food Company for food service throughout the summer at our overnight camps. We strive for everyone to enjoy wholesome, appetizing, and nutritionally sound meals, prepared with care in a clean and healthy environment. We can accommodate a wide variety of dietary needs including the management of many food allergies. Families are asked to complete our Food Allergy Form in advance of campers arriving at camp so that we can be prepared. All food allergy forms are provided to and reviewed by our food service company. Follow the link below for more information.

Staff Training

Each summer, we hire over 300 seasonal staff members across our three camps to support our programs. Our staff arrive one to three weeks before campers and go through an intentionally designed training tailored to their work. Staff learn about child development, safety procedures, and get trained in specialized topics like child abuse prevention, equity and inclusion, and transportation. Additionally, our staff receive certification training as relevant to their positions in First Aid/CPR, Lifeguarding, Heads Up, and more.


Before arrival, our staff go through our rigorous hiring process which includes an interview with a Camp Leadership staff, references, and background screenings..

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