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Chimney Corners Programs

Chimney Corners Camp Programs

One of the things we love most about camp is that it encourages campers to try new things. Each summer campers can choose up to 6 activities to participate in. Classes are led by our talented team of program staff.


At Chimney Corners, there is something for everyone – from young first-time campers to teenagers. Our programs are designed to grow with campers and offer something new as they come back each summer.


Our activities change from summer to summer based on the unique talents of our staff, but here’s what to expect in a typical summer at Chimney Corners:

Speciality Programs

Alongside our 4 week, traditional overnight program, Chimney Corners offers several specialty programs aimed at the youngest and oldest campers:

Starter Program - 2 weeks, Finishing 2nd or 3rd Grade

Younger campers who do not feel ready to commit to four weeks away can try a two-week camp experience to help prepare for longer camp stays in subsequent summers. Two cabins in our youngest camper village are designated for the Starter Program. These campers are fully integrated into our traditional camp program, including an on-camp overnight camping experience.

Construction Cabin - Finishing 9th Grade
Designed for older campers, our construction cabin works towards building a new cabin or facility throughout the camps. The program encompasses instruction in hand- and power-tool use, construction mathematics, and basic carpentry skills. Construction campers spend a portion of most days on the construction project and the remainder of the day involved in the traditional camp program.
Adventure Cabin - Finishing 9th Grade
This specialty cabin allows campers to experience the best adventures in New England. Campers will participate in the traditional camp programs but also go on day and multi-day excursions, which may include backpacking trips, whitewater rafting, sea kayaking and climbing on natural rock faces. This program teaches wilderness ethics while building group dynamics and leadership skills.
Riding Cabin — Finishing 6th - 8th Grade

Campers in this program spend each morning at the Apple Blossom Ranch participating in a variety of activities. This includes riding lessons, horsemanship, grooming, feeding, turn-out, first-aid and helping with other stable work. Some activities and duties take place during free time periods. The rest of the camp day is spent participating in traditional camp activities.

Gibson Weekend

Gibson Weekend is a unique opportunity for campers to share their camp experience with a parent, caregiver or family-designated role model. During this weekend the parents/caregivers follow our normal camp schedule and experience camp through the eyes of their camper. This is a rare opportunity to let your camper be the guide.

Gibson Weekend takes place the third weekend of each 4-week session. Parents/Caregivers are welcome to join for all or part of the weekend. As our camps are single-gender plus spaces, we ask that the attending parent/caregiver match the same gender as the camp their child is enrolled at. Other family members are welcome to join us for Family Visiting Day on Sunday afternoon.

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