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Camp Becket Camp Life

Life at Camp Becket

Campers have come to Becket seeking fun, challenge, and camaraderie for more than 100 years. Traditions from as far back as 1903 continue to this day: singing in the dining hall, cabin chat, campfires, Candlelight, and Final Banquet are all important parts of every camper’s experience at Becket.


Camp Becket is made up of 4 groups of cabins called Villages, which are grouped by camper grade level. At Camp Becket, the cabin group is a campers, family away from home, their village is their neighborhood, and the full camp is their community. These camp structures have been intentionally developed to support campers throughout their experience with us.

Each cabin houses eight campers and two counselors who eat, work, and play together for four weeks. Campers participate in cabin activities in the mornings and evenings, planned sometimes by staff and sometimes by the campers themselves. These might include a game of kickball against a neighboring cabin or an evening in the woodshop working on the cabin sign. Afternoons allow campers a choice of activities based on their individual preferences. This schedule allows the cabin group to work on relationships, problem-solving, and cooperation and experience a ‘family away from home’ while making lasting friendships.

Typical Day At Camp Becket

Camp Mottos

Lining the walls of the Camp Becket Dining Hall are our Camp Becket Mottos. These mottos, while adjusted over time, have been a part of camp life since 1903. Campers will find that these mottos are woven into the fabric of camp – from showing good sportsmanship and caring for others in your cabin groups, the mottos are at the core of who we are. 

Camp Becket mottos

Do Your Best

Help The Other Fellow

Each For All – All For Each

Peace Through Understanding

I Can And I Will

Play The Game

Manners Maketh The Man

Better Faithful Than Famous

Cabin Chat

Cabin chat is a central part of the daily rhythm at Camp Becket. Each night before bed campers gather in their cabins by candlelight and reflect on a question as a way to unwind and connect more deeply with each other. From silly questions about favorite superheroes to deeper questions about campers’ hopes and dreams, cabin chat offers campers space to reflect and connect.


Our spaces are intentionally rustic and comfortable. From our waterfront to our cabins – take a look at our spaces to get a feel for what life is like at Camp Becket.

Overnight Trips

Camp Becket offers both on and off-camp trips for cabin groups during their four-week session. Designed with camper’s age group in mind, a trip is a great way to grow as a group and accomplish cabin goals.


As part of the camp experience, all cabins participate in an overnight trip at one of Camp Becket’s lean-to shelters nestled around Rudd Pond. In addition, older campers will head out on off-site trips to surrounding Berkshire County, the nearby Appalachian trail, and the Long Trail for day hikes and/or 2-3-night overnight trips depending on a camper’s age group.

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