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Food Safety & Allergies

Camp Becket and Chimney Corners Food Service

Our campers and staff appreciate the food, and the people who prepare it, because they know that it is prepared with their well-being in mind. We strive for everyone to enjoy wholesome, appetizing, nutritionally sound meals, prepared with care in a clean and healthy environment, where all staff are knowledgeable, helpful, courteous, and friendly. Campers and staff are asked to give regular feedback and suggestions about our food to ensure that the menus reflect items that are enjoyed by all.

Currently, BCCYMCA contracts with Brock Food Company for food service throughout the summer at our overnight camps. If you have any questions about food service for your camper, please email us cbfoodservice@bccymca.org or cccfoodservice@bccymca.org. Members of the Brock team and BCCYMCA’s Operations team are available throughout the year to discuss any food questions or concerns. A member of the Brock Food Service team is also available to meet with you when you drop-off your camper at the start of a session.

Food Allergies

BCCYMCA’s food allergy program relies on information completed on the Food Allergy Form that parents complete for their camper. Please be sure to include specific information such as the type of exposure (ingested or airborne) and the severity of the reaction. All food allergy forms are provided to and reviewed by our food service company.

Green Apron Food Allergy Program:

At each meal, a knowledgeable food service professional from our food service company will be wearing a green apron and be readily accessible for all campers and staff to answer any questions about each meal. At the start of a camp session, the Green Apron staff member will have a conversation with you about your allergy and your needs so that when you come to meals there will be safe options for you to eat. Additionally, foods are labeled to indicate what major allergens may be included as an ingredient.

Specific Dietary Needs

The following are specific dietary needs that are accommodated in all camp meals. Campers wanting to adhere to these dietary styles will always find a full meal awaiting them:
In addition, the following dietary styles are held in awareness as noted:

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