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Overnight camp for boys


Camp Director Dan Berg
413-623-8991 ext.153

Camp Director Dan Berg
413-623-8991 ext.153


Camping gives kids a foundation for life. At Becket, campers are part of a caring community that supports them to try new things, participate in fun summer camp activities, make lasting friends, and learn values that help guide them throughout life. 


At Camp Becket we offer a traditional, rustic, overnight camp experience. Unlike other New England sleepaway camps, our boys camp provides leadership programs and other activities that help shape them into strong and caring leaders in their local communities.

Value of Traditional Camp

While some camps center on specialized skills like sports or art, our traditional camp model focuses on building life skills and values in a highly supportive environment. At the core of our program is the cabin group and the lessons that come from living with other people under the care and guidance of excellent staff role models. Through this experience, campers learn life skills and values that will serve them throughout their life.

Why 4 Week Sessions

Four-week sessions are foundational to our residential camp experience. Our camp programs are intentionally designed to support campers’ social-emotional growth. Four weeks allows campers to move through homesickness, build new skills, and develop strong relationships within their cabin groups – all of which have a life-changing impact.

A Boys+ Camp

Our camps are single-gender plus experiences, which means we strive to support gender inclusivity while maintaining the benefits and value provided by a single-gender experience. Camp Becket is for boys and gender non-binary campers. There are many great things that young people learn from each other in an all-gender environment and most get ample opportunity to navigate these relationships during the school year. We believe that campers thrive when given the opportunity to spend time in a place that supports and celebrates the gender with which they most identify.

Unplug for the Summer

By design, our camp experiences are unplugged and allow campers to step away from the pressure they experience in their digital lives.


Without access to cell phones and computers, campers are given the freedom to focus on what’s right in front of them.

Our Summer Staff

Each summer Camp Becket hires a team of counselors, program instructors, and support staff to bring the magic of camp to life. Our staff come from all over the world, and the majority have been through our programs themselves bringing first-hand knowledge to the work that they do. Our staff go beyond serving as activity instructors – they are supportive role models for campers who are passionate about youth development.

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