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Chimney Corners Leadership Programs

Campers completing the 10th or 11th grade can apply to the Leader-in-Training (LIT) program. This highly competitive program is the last step of the camper years and is designed to help young leaders transition from campers to staff. By providing a challenging and competitive leadership program for our oldest campers, we ensure well trained staff for the future. The vast majority of the cabin staff at Chimney Corners Camp participated as both campers and LIT's before becoming staff.

Aides and Reach are the the two programs for which teens are selected to participate in. Participants in both programs will receive training on how to work with children and will participate in a Red Cross Lifeugard certification course. LITs have the opportunity to observe and gain hands on experience about different aspects of camp operations. A valuable part of these programs is learning to live and work together as a group, gaining insight into group dynamics as they are guided by their respective Directors. In addition, all LITs will participate in seminars and discussions with their directors and other camp staff leaders throughout the program. Only those applicants who can complete the entire program should apply.

2018 LIT Application Information

Aides Program

The entirety of this program is based at camp. Aides gain extensive hands on experience in all areas of overnight camp operations. They work with cabin groups and lead cabin activities, assist in program areas as instuctors, plan unit and all camp events and work in support roles, such as the camp store and food service. This program also includes a 3 day off-site hiking and camping trip and participants may also have the opportunity to take part in off-site service trips in the Berkshires. The Aides Program is an eight and half week commitment. Participants are expected to pursue a position as a staff member in subsequent summers.

Reach Program

Participants in this program spend approximately half of their time at camp and half of their time in South Dakota. Time in camp allows them to experience working with cabin groups and in program areas, while also assisting in support roles. While in South Dakota, participants will be working with the Sioux YMCA and leading programs for their day and overnight camps, serving Lakota Sioux children on the Cheyenne River Reservation. Reach heightens participants awareness of Native American culture while allowing them to learn to work and lead children in two unique camp settings. If time allows participants may also do some site seeing at different National Parks such as The Badlands. The Reach Program is a six and a half week commitment. Participants are expected to pursue a position as a staff member in subsequent summers.

2018 LIT Application Information

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