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For over a century, Camp Becket has been a place where boys have spent their summers learning, laughing and building life-long friendships.

Camping gives boys a foundation for life. At Becket your son will be part of a caring community that reinforces the values you teach at home. He'll have fun, make friends, and try new things. A sense of confidence and accomplishment will accompany him home at the end of the summer. The friends he makes will stay close throughout the year, and perhaps for years to come.


The Becket Mottos

The Camp Becket Mottos represent our core values, formed over a century of dedication to character development in camping. Much more than just "The Becket Way", we believe these ideals represent the way any enlightened, self-aware person should live, and have set aside eight weeks every summer since 1903 to work toward this potential. The Camp Becket Mottos are:

Do Your Best

I Can And I Will

Help The Other Fellow

Play The Game

Each For All - All For Each

Manners Maketh The Man

Peace Through Understanding

Better Faithful Than Famous

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