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ICEP Australia Participants


Summer 2018

Trip Preparation Timeline/Paperwork

Stay on track with the various tasks and paperwork that must be completed in preparation for your program.
View TSP Prep Timeline.

Australia Packing List

This is a comprehensive packing list specifically for ICEP Australia. Be sure to read through the list in its entirety and only bring listed items.
View packing list.

Parent Guide

A guide for preparing parents for the TSP experience. We highly encourage parents to read this document as you will feel more prepared to send your child on a program. Includes information on communication, packing, drop off and pick up, health care, and a lot more.
View Parent Guide.

Notarized Release Form

The Notarized Form must be signed by parent(s) and a notary public. Please mail the original notarized form back to camp.

Trip Links

Learn more about your destination with links for local news sources, art and culture, travel guides, and the Y.
View Trip Links.


Read through Frequently Asked Questions for quick information on the ICEP programs.


Detailed program itineraries will be sent to participants and parents in the Spring. Most itineraries are similar year to year, and we recommend reading the previous year's Daily Reports to learn more about your trip. Our interactive map below points out the main locations the group will visit.

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