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Cabin Placements and Requests

The core of the Chimney Corners Camp program is the cabin group and the learning opportunities available through living together for a month with a diverse group of people. Our goal is to to create cabins groups that offer campers the opportunity to meet as many new people as possible from a variety of backgrounds, interests, and life experiences. We view the cabin group, and the activities this group pursues together, as the most important and most growth-producing part of our camping program. Counselors help each camper set goals and do her best to relate well to others.

Each camper is assigned to a unit suited to her grade, age, and maturity. The grade/age distribution of campers varies yearly and consequently affects unit groupings. Families cannot request a specific unit.

While many campers request to share a cabin with friends from home, we encourage all campers to consider using camp as a place to branch out and create an additional circle of friends that compliment groups of friends from home. Friends coming to camp together should consider separate cabins. With free time and other activities with multiple cabins, friends from home will have ample time to spend together but will also have the space to make new friends.

Cabin mate request must be included on the Camper Information Record, which is part of the online forms you will be asked to complete by May 1. Requests received after the deadline may not be considered. Cabin assignments cannot be changed on opening day. We can only guarantee one mutual request and only if the campers are within a year/grade of each other. Please note that the Camper Information Record is the only information used for cabin placement (other than grade and age) so anything you want considered in making the cabin assignments must be reflected when filling out this form. While we try to consider requests made by parents and campers, all camper placements are made at the discretion of the camp staff and may not reflect the requests of the family.

You may also request to not have your child placed with another child or ask that your child not be placed with someone from their school or hometown. Camp will support these requests as long as they are consistent and fair to others and do not put undue constraints on our ability to create balanced groups. Negative requests cannot be honored for specialty programs or starter cabins due to the limited number of cabins. Please note any request either negative or positive that is intended to exclude someone from a group or create a large clique within a cabin group will not be honored.

Overall, the most successful campers and camp families are those who are open to meeting new people and are willing to trust the group process.

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