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Chimney Corners Camp employs approximately 130 staff each summer. Staff come from a variety of backgrounds and possess a wide variety of skills.

Administrative Staff (Ad Staff)

The camp leadership ensures that all aspect of camp runs smoothly. The following make up our Administrative Staff:

  • Camp Director/Assistant Director: The Camp Directors supervise the members of the Ad Staff and work year-round on the camp program.
  • Unit Directors: Each unit has two Unit Directors that supervise the counseling staff and give additional support to cabin groups throughout the session. Parents can contact the Unit Directors with any questions or concerns while camp is in session.
  • Program Directors: The program directors supervise all of the program staff and facilitate all afternoon activities as well as aspects of cabin, unit and all camp activities.
  • Leader-in-Training Directors (Aides & REACH Directors): The LIT Directors give support to our leaders-in-training.

Counseling Staff

Each cabin will have at least two staff members who live and work with the campers. Most cabins will have a counselor and an assistant counselor.

  • Counselors are at least 18 years or older and are the primary leader for the cabin group of 8-10 campers. 95 - 100% of counselors have been campers, TSP and LIT participants, and assistant counselors before becoming a counselor.
  • Assistant Counselors have, at minimum, completed their junior year in high school but may also be graduating seniors. All assistant counselors have participated in an advanced leadership program through the Becket-Chimney Corners YMCA.

Program Staff

The Chimney Corners Camp program staff give primary leadership in one of the many specialized activities we offer. Program staff may live in camper cabins as a third member of the cabin staff or many live in separate staff dorms.

  • Program Area Instructors possess advanced experience in the area in which they work and must be at least 18 years old unless they are required to be older due to specific responsibilities such as driving. Program area instructors are responsible for teaching program skills to campers and working with counseling staff to support the overall camp program.
  • Program Area Directors are responsible for the overall supervision of a particular program area. In addition to instructing campers in their program area, they also supervise other staff who work in their area. In most cases, program area directors are 21 years of age or older.

Support Staff

The support staff work more behind the scenes to give support to the overall program. Support staff live separately from campers in dorm-style housing or off camp in the local community. Support staff include the following:

  • Food Service Staff are responsible for providing meals to the camp community which is close to 500 people at each meal. Positions include Kitchen Assistants, Cooks, and Dining Hall Assistants.
  • Store and Office Staff help keep camp running smoothly by taking care of camp mail, the camp store, transportation and communication. Positions include an Office Manager, Office Assistants, and the Camp Store Manager.
  • Maintenance Staff keeps camp clean and in good repair.
  • Medical Staff keeps camp healthy by providing healthcare to the campers and staff any time day or night. Chimney Corners Camp as three Camp Nurses and an Infirmary Assistant and we share the Camp Doctor with Camp Becket.

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