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Read what campers and parents say about Chimney Corners Camp...

"Absurdly warm staff. The nicest campers - just normal, healthy, supportive, friendly girls. Activities are great, spirits are high. A wonderful, alternate reality." - CCC Parent

"Chimney Corners has been my home away from home for 9 years. As a camper, aide, and staff member, CCC has helped me grow as a friend, a team member, and a leader. Chimney helps girls become independent and self-confident while teaching them to have a positive attitude and find the fun in everything. Its facilities provide something for everyone and its staff provide positive role models for campers. I will, without a doubt, be sending my daughters to CCC one day." - CCC Alum

"There's no place like CCC in the world. The happiest times of my life have been there, and there's absolutely nothing I would change about my camp experience for the last 6 sessions. Beautiful place, wonderful people, and priceless memories. This camp is perfect. I would recommend it to anyone." - CCC Camper

"This was our daughters first summer at overnight camp. We could not be more pleased with CCC and what it meant to our daughter. She did not have one complaint and was always happy." - CCC Parent

"My daughter had an amazing time. She still talks about her experience, often daily. I think she grew tremendously -- much more independent and self-assured. I was impressed with the variety of activities offered, and how my daughter was willing to try things outside her comfort zone. My daughter can't wait to come back to Chimney Corners -- which is very high praise." - CCC Parent

"I cannot say enough how much I love CCC and how much my daughter has grown and matured since attending. We live in the city and she is not able to have a lot of freedom to walk around by herself. Our lives are hectic. Being at CCC gives her time out of doors, and time to think and be herself, but learn to take care of herself, be responsible. Its a wonderful place." - CCC Parent

"I have gone to this camp for years and I miss it very much. My years there were magical and my memories will last a lifetime. I really feel that there is no camp like Chimney Corners!!!" - CCC Alum

"This is the most amazing camp I have ever been to. I have been going for five summers and it feels like home. All my bunkmates are like my sisters and best friends. I don't know what I would do with any of them. This past summer was my ICEP summer and I went to Sweden and Russia. It was hands down the best summer of my life. The community and activities are so great. I couldn't imagine my life with out it and its amazing jokes and spirit. I love CCC!" - CCC Camper

"I love this camp so much!!!!! I've been going there for 3 summers and all my cabin mates are like sisters! The staff are like the most amazing big sisters you never had and everyone there makes you feel like family. You can be totally yourself there and everyone accepts you. I love this place so much and I want to go there every summer till I die. Thank you to all my counselors and cabin mates. I'll never forget you guys." - CCC Camper

"A rating of 5 in every category doesn't do BCCYMCA justice. Chimney has been my home every summer for over 10 years. I began as an excited 8 year old camper and have just completed my second summer as a staff member. I feel as if the values and lessons I've learned and the experiences I've had through BCCYMCA have prepared me for everything I will have to face in my life. I have formed relationships with women and men of all ages that have become profoundly important in my life. Summer camp is something I truly believe every child should experience, and BCCYMCA is a wonderful choice." - CCC Staff

"I have been going to Chimney for 8 years now. These summers have been unforgettable. I never had a summer when I didn't want to go back, and know I will continue to go back for years. Chimney staff are so enthusiastic and fun that it makes the spirit intoxicating. My cousin and brother went/ go to Becket now and they love it too. Send your kids to Becket and Chimney because, as opposed to other camps, they teach you morals. I know that I wouldn't be the same person I am today without Chimney. Becket and Chimney's Youth Travel and Service programs are fantastic. I still keep in touch with my friends from Costa Rica and talk to them every single day. Basically Chimney is the greatest." - CCC Camper and ICEP participant

"This coming summer will be my third and last summer at Chimney as a camper. Looking back on my two years before, the first thing that I think to myself is "I wish I had come earlier!" CCC is the best camp experience you can ask for. And though I am stopping my experience as a camper I plan to go on ICEP be an AIDE and a counselor in the years to come. The staff at CCC are amazing and really care about the camp and campers. They do enjoy their jobs, and you can really tell! All the campers are very kind and always include new campers during there first summer. I have had the best 2 summers of my life at CCC and have made the closest friends who are now more like my sisters. I would totally recommend this camp to any girl who is looking for a traditional, fun, all around amazing summer experience full of friendships and memories that you will never forget! CCC has a beautiful location and tons of amazing activities to choose from. No matter what you like, there is something for you there!" - CCC Camper

"I am 13 years old and this past summer was my second year as a camper at Chimney Corners. I absolutely love this camp! I have made so many new friends and the counselors are beyond amazing! I cannot wait to return next year! I would also like to make a special shout out to the intermediate cabin Olympus of summer 2007 first session (my cabin) and the intermediate cabin Shangri-La of summer 2007 first session. I love you guys and I cannot wait to go on ICEP, be an AIDE, and an AC/counselor with you guys! Chimney Corners Camp rocks!" - CCC Camper

"Chimney is the best camp I've ever been to. It was my first year there this summer and it was amazing. The staff was amazing and I made so many new friends. I can't wait to go back next summer and years to come. It really is an amazing place." - First Year CCC Camper

"As the mother of a first year camper at Chimney Corners, I have only the greatest things to say about this camp. It is well organized, the counselors are very well trained, and my daughter, who is 13, adjusted beautifully. New campers and returning campers blended very well. There was also a strong emphasis on values. I was so pleased and my daughter can't wait to return next summer. She is hoping to become an AIDE and a counselor herself in a few years." - New Parent of CCC camper

"I attended Chimney Corners both as a camper, counselor and administrative staff--truly a lifelong impact. I learned an appreciation for the outdoors that's with me to this day, met amazing girls and women who shaped my interests and taught me about a bigger world, and gave me the space to learn and try new things--tough when you're 11 and 12 years old. I'd highly recommend CCC." - CCC Alum

"I have been a camper at Chimney for four years and at the end of every summer, I'm crying because I don't want to go home. Camp is such a great experience and I have made friendships that will last forever!" - CCC Camper

"Chimney Corners has changed my life. It has made me a mature, independent, responsible, and loving young woman. I wouldn't trade the experiences I've had here for the world. There is truly nowhere else on Earth like this little peace of heaven in the Berkshires. I will be returning for my eighth summer as an assistant counselor. I met my best friends (my sisters) at Chimney and they taught me that people will love me for who I am. Words can not express what CCC has done for me. I truly recommend it (and Becket) to anyone!" - CCC Staff

"Going to Chimney Corners is absolutely one of the greatest places on Earth! It truly is my second home. I'm absolutely sure that your daughter will fall in love with Chimney's devoted, caring, and attentive staff, the rustic and comfortable facilities, and the fantastic, fun, and creative activities. Chimney finds fun and interesting ways to enforce important morals that I've carried with me throughout the years. I always look fondly back on "camp days" filled with new friends, singing in the dining hall, and the place where even a thunderstorm can't dampen the fun. Chimney Corners changed my life, and I recommend it without a shadow of a doubt." - CCC Alum

"The 7 summers I've spent here have been the best times of my life. I've made best friends and pushed myself more than I ever thought possible. Becket-Chimney Corners is much more than a camp, it's a family. The staff is so caring and everyone is so happy to be there." - CCC Camper

"I've been a Chimney Girl since the day I was born. "The Sun Is In The West" may very well have been the first song I ever knew. My mom went to camp for nine years and I'm continuing the tradition with this upcoming summer being my seventh. No place in the world can compare to Chimney. It's the only place I know of where girls can go and truly be themselves. I've learned more about myself and others in a month at camp than in the rest of the year combined. Last summer I was on the first ever ICEP New Zealand and returned home a totally different person. I couldn't even begin to describe how much this place has changed my life." - CCC Camper and ICEP participant

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