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Chimney Goals and Values

Chimney Corners Camp is the place where a girl can be her true self, where she can develop the skills, practice the values and make the choices that help her become her best possible self.

Chimney Corners Camp Goals (HELPS)

Through the practice of our camp goals, girls discover what they want and what they are capable of.

  • Healthy Living
  • Empowering Girls and Women
  • Leadership
  • Positive Relationships
  • Social Responsibility

Chimney Corners Camp Values

  • A Girl's World : Above all, Chimney Corners Camp is a girl's world where who a girl is and can become is respected and valued. Girls explore their own interests, work at friendships, build confidence in themselves and learn to be their true self.
  • Agape - Living a life of unconditional love towards all humanity: The CCC version of Agape is inspired by a sermon by Martin Luther King Jr. and speaks to our connection to others and the need to respect each other in all the wonderful complexities of differences among us. Also expressed as "ubuntu" we recognize that if we are to succeed it cannot be at the expense of another. We are connected and must ensure that we are all respected and cared for.
  • P.A.C.E.: Positive Attitude Changes Everything: The power of our attitude is great both in meeting our personal goals but also in our impact on others. Each day we approach the day with the best attitude we can. We choose our mood and our actions every moment and try our best to make a choice to be positive.
  • It's the magic within you and the love you pass on: These words are drawn from a favorite camp song and remind us that we need to share who we truly are. We have a magic within us that we pass on to other through being true to who we are. We have tremendous power when we choose to be the best we can be and share our light with others. Chimney girls speak up, know their mind and share that with others.
  • All who joy would win must share it, happiness was born a twin: A favorite saying of Evelyn Smith, one of our founding mothers of camp, this expression reminds us to share our happiness with others.

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