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Our camper cabins are home to 8 or 9 campers and 2 staff members. Our rustic yet cozy cabins do not have electricity or indoor bathrooms and campers use flashlights and lanterns for light at night. Each camper has her own cubby and shares the space under the bunk and a closet.

Each cabin is a part of a unit of 12 cabins. Campers are placed in cabins and units according to their age and grade, however the ages in each unit can vary from year to year and session to session.

Junior Unit is home to the youngest campers in camp. Junior campers can be as young as 7 and as old as 12 depending on the numbers in each age group. Junior Unit cabins are named after ships. Junior Cabin names are Calypso, Carpathia, Dawn Treader, Gypsy Moth, Jolly Roger, Noah's Ark, Old Ironsides, Santa Maria, Seahawk, Seraphim, SS Minnow, and Victory Chimes.

Intermediate Unit campers are the 96 campers in the middle of the age range at camp. Intermediates tend to be older 5th grader - 7th graders. Cabins in Intermediates are named after magical and mythical places. Intermediate cabin names are Atlantis, Bandersnatch, Camelot, Chincoteague, Emerald City, Genovia, Honah Lee, Narnia, Olympus, Shangri-La, Swabee Doo, Terabithia and Whoville.

Senior Unit is home to the oldest campers in camp. They range in age from older 7th graders to 9th graders. Senior Unit cabins are named after goddesses and constellations. Cabin names are Athena, Cassiopeia, Celeste, Clytie, Demeter, Echo, Galactia, Great Bear, Hero, Imperium, Juno and Phantasis.

The cabins in the Senior Unit are a newer design built by the members of our Construction Cabin. Each year one new cabin is built by the construction cabin program. The Construction Cabin girls are now working on cabins in our Junior Unit.

Each unit has a centrally located wash house with private indoor and outdoor showers, private toilets, electricity, and hot and cold water.

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