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Men and boys have come to Becket seeking fun, challenge, and camaraderie for more than 100 years. Traditions from as far back as 1903 continue to this day: singing in the dining hall, cabin chat, campfires, Candlelight, and Final Banquet are all important parts of every boy's experience at Becket.

Gibson Weekend

There are many camps that host a visiting day, but Becket is unique in offering a full weekend. Since 1922 dads and sons have shared a weekend at camp, with boys taking their dads - or other relatives, friends, or mentors - through two full days of their camp experience. We believe every boy needs a positive male role model. Gibson Weekend provides a venue for that relationship to grow. This Weekend offers the chance to enter your boy's world, free of the distractions of day-to-day life. Moms, siblings, and other relatives join the community on Sunday for an outdoor buffet and raffle.

Dining Hall Singing

This long standing Camp Becket tradition has several songs from the camp's earliest years which are still performed today, as well as a great many Big Show songs from more recent decades. Becket music include collegiate songs with reworked lyrics, adapted showtunes, and a number of original pieces passed down from year to year. Every camper can sing along with the help of a Camp Becket Song Book.

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