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A typical day at Camp Becket

7:30 am Rise and Shine!

8:15 am Breakfast followed by cabin clean-up

9:15 am Morning Cabin activity begins. Campers help in the planning of morning activities. These activities will vary throughout the session.

11:15 am Open Activities - waterfront, camp store, program areas open

12:00 Lunch followed by Siesta (Rest period)


Find out more about Afternoon Activities Here

1:45-2:35 pm Activity Period 1

2:45-3:35 pm Activity Period 2

3:45-4:35 pm Activity Period 3

4:45 pm Open Activities

6:00 pm Dinner

7:30 pm Village activity, cabin activity

9:00 pm Return to Village for cabin chats

Cabin Chat is a quiet time just before campers go to bed when the cabin group reflects on the day's events and chats about a topic, usually chosen by the counselor.

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