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At Camp Becket we focus on building relationships within the cabin group, consisting of eight boys and two counselors who eat, work, and play together for four weeks. The boys participate in cabin activities in the mornings and evenings, planned sometimes by staff and sometimes by the campers themselves. These might include a game of kickball against a neighboring cabin or an evening in the woodshop working on the cabin sign. Afternoons allow campers a choice of activities based on their individual preferences; our program staff and counselors 'teach' these multi-age groups everything from soccer to graphic arts. This schedule allows the cabin group to work on relationships, problem solving and cooperation and experience a 'family away from home' while making lasting friendships.

Character Counts

The Becket Mottos represent our core values and are referenced in all aspects of camp, from cabin activities to Candlelight and cabin chat. Caring, respect, responsibility, honesty and service are at the center of all that we do.


All of our programs, and indeed the cabin group itself, are deeply intentional structures. Your child's camp experience will be developmentally appropriate, embody current best practices in the fields of education and recreation, and facilitated by professional, well-trained staff.


Camp Becket is accredited by the American Camp Association and complies with all regulations of the Massachusetts Department of Public Health and is licensed by the Town of Becket Health Department. Counselors and Program staff are also trained and certified by organizations that are the leading experts in their fields.

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