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"I think sending my children to Camp Becket was one of the most intelligent things I have ever done. I wish all boys could experience Camp Becket because it has really been an amazing journey for my children this summer. We are very proud to be part of the Camp Becket community!!!" - Parent

"Recently I was awarded a full leadership based scholarship to attend college this coming fall. Throughout the entire process I could not help but think about Becket and the impact it has had on my life. All the Becket mottos from do your best to help the other fellow has stayed with me since I was a child. Becket reinforced the values that I was taught at home and gave me the male role model that I did not have at home. The collective effort you guys put into each summer to make sure that every child has an exceptional time is remarkable, and truly an anomaly in the world we live in today. I can confidently say that Becket is like no other place in the world, and gives kids like me a chance to be a part of an extraordinary family." - Recent Alumnus

"There is just something magical about this place that is hard to describe and comes from a variety of things including that its location is majestic. Then add in that the camp leaders and counselors are, without question, the most impressive young men I have ever come across period. And in addition to all of the above there is something transformative about boys living in a "boys world" for 4 weeks - - in the woods without electricity. Left with only their imaginations and nature to entertain themselves, it is amazing to see what they have created and learned." - Parent

"One of the greatest camps in the world. An outstanding experience for a boy" - Parent

"I just got home from Camp Becket after 4 weeks there. This was my fourth summer there and I can't imagine spending my summer any other way. The staff are fun and everyone is very friendly. I like the activities because I have so many to choose from" - Camper

"One thing that became clear to me even as I couldn't quite articulate it or put my finger on it until several days after returning home was that self-consciousness is simply not an option (nor an issue) at Becket. I was so impressed by all the boys who performed (including those wacky Synchros!) and by the way that all the kids there seemed to have shed any real-world self-consciousness and one-up-manship toward the better and common goal of supporting fellow campers. I wanted you to know how much I appreciate the effort every staff member clearly makes to instill that fundamental in the camper is no easy task yet love, appreciation of diversity, and pride in each other seems to come easily to the kids I talked to and watched there that day." - Parent

"This is a life changing camp. It's focus on the outdoors, values, and community gives campers important life lessons and summers that they will remember for years to come." - Parent

"This place will change your life for the better... years later you will still be amazed at the depth of the friendships you will have started at camp!" - Alumni

"I am looking forward to my two sons' third summer at Becket. I will miss them, but will know that they are having an absolutely fabulous time!" - Parent

"Possibly the best camp in the whole world. It has changed me forever." - Camper

"I've been going to Camp Becket for 5 years and it is literally the greatest place on earth. It's a non-competitive environment thats extremely relaxed. The staff and campers that go there are great people and made my experiences there very memorable. I would highly reccomend this camp." - Camper

"I have spent 9 years at Becket and the morals taught there have truly shaped me into who I am today. The bonds of brotherhood that were forged there have stayed with me throughout the offseason and the experience of doing deeds of love and service have been the best and most emotionally significant of my life" - Staff

"You'll like the Becket way, my friend, you'll like the Becket way. I was a camper in the early 1980's, progressed through the aide program and eventually became a staff member. 20 + years later I am still in contact with some of my Becket friends, who know me well and are like my brothers. The Camp Becket mottos influence my life to this day." - Alumni

"Becket is unlike most any other camp you'll find. It isn't a place that is about competition. You'll find plenty of opportunities for skill development, but that still doesn't really sum up Becket. Instead, you might call Becket a place that is all about character development. At the end of the day, what do kids need to develop into good people? That's what Becket is all about. If you are lucky enough to have found out about Becket, you won't regret the first of many summers spent there." - Parent

"My son is at Becket for his third summer right now and loves it. He has ADHD, so it was hard to find the right fit for him, but the emphasis on respect and service to each other has been the right culture for him. There are so many activities and the location is very beautiful. When you think of summer camp, the picture that comes to mind is of Becket because it is very traditional - really a throwback to old times. There are no cellphones, ipods, computers, tv's, etc. I can't say enough good things about Camp Becket." - Parent

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