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Gibson Hall

Gibson Hall was built in 1917 and is the jewel of Camp Becket. When approaching this magnificent building sitting atop a hill it takes your breath away time and again. This building serves camp in many ways, it is the home to our Performing Arts, Drama, and Music classes. As well as houses our great archives collection. Gibson Hall also serves as lodging to both campers in our Travel & Service Programs and to some Program and Support Staff.


The Camp Becket Library is an important building in camp. Built in 1931 the Library has two main functions. Upstairs a wide variety of current children's books are available for reading. Tables provide chess and checkers and the porch provides a great place to either sit and read a book, watch the action on the lake, or take in a spectacular sunset. Downstairs is home to our Yacht Club where the staff maintain a fleet of over 70 boats including JY-15 sailboats, Sunfish, Windsurfers, Canoes, Kayaks, Rowboats, Lake Tubes, and even a lifeboat called the Mary-T.

Dining Hall

The Paul Dudley White Memorial Dining Hall was built in 1968 and is the raucous home to Camp Becket's mealtimes, complete with plenty of good food, village cheers, and enthusiastic singing. Singing in the dining hall is a long-standing tradition at Camp Becket.

Challenge Course

Becket's Challenge Course facilities include a low ropes course designed to encourage teamwork, a three-sided climbing tower and bouldering room used by all ages, and a state-of-the-art high ropes course facilitated by trained and experienced staff members. 

Low ropes activities consist of group challenges that are low to the ground, requiring cooperation and planning to complete. Both cabin groups and afternoon activities make use of this area.

Our high ropes course includes a number of unique, challenging elevated elements designed to challenge individuals. The confidence and skills gained on the ground during low ropes provides support for a camper's efforts on the high ropes. Older campers who participate in the Project Challenge class may have the opportunity to use some of the new Chimney Corners ropes course as well. Becket-Chimney Corners YMCA has the most extensive ropes course facility in the northeast.


Chapel-by-the-Lake is the spiritual center of Camp Becket. Our gathering place by the shore has been in use since the first summer of 1903. Chapel is an ecumenical service held on Sunday. "Chapel Whites" are worn traditionally - a white camp tee shirt and light or khaki colored pants/shorts will suffice. Services may include readings from the Old and New testaments, as well as other spiritual and inspirational stories, skits, and music. All campers must attend chapel and may participate if they choose to. Chapel Choir is a popular activity, and campers may contribute to YMCA World Service if they wish.

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