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Rudd Pond

Our 100 acre pond is a treasure, spring-fed and pristine. We own the land on all sides and there are no powered craft in use. Swimming, boating and fishing, as well as hiking and camping around the perimeter are popular activities at camp. Four Adirondack overnight shelters offer a chance for every cabin to sleep under the stars over the course of the summer. A rope swing and swim dock provide waterfront activity choices at two of the overnight areas.


A large and fully-equipped workshop allows boys of all ages and skill levels to build everything from boxes to bookshelves.

The Arts

Our Art Center is home to creative arts, graphic arts, claymation, and photography programs, including facilities for screen printing, ceramics, digital photo & video editing, and a fully-equipped 35mm darkroom. Additionally our Performing Arts offers campers a chance to act in our "Big Show" or help with the behind the scenes on the set or lighting. We also offer drama and improv and a variety of music classes based on the staff talents.

Athletic Fields and Courts

Five athletic fields, six tennis courts, two basketball courts, 4-square courts, two archery ranges, a riflery range, disk golf course, volleyball court, and table tennis provide plenty of room for more than 20 activities for boys of all ages.

Nature Center

Our Nature Center has a large classroom and overlooks Rudd Pond. It's a wonderful environmental education facility and a popular activity for boys of all ages. Classes take advantage of our 1400 acres of forests, streams, bogs, and beaver meadows to learn everything from identifying trees, plants, and insects in the natural world.

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