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Camp Becket was founded in 1903 and is proud to maintain and use many buildings and activity areas as part of our history. Gibson Hall was built in 1917, the Library in 1931, and Moose Lodge was originally built in 1907 and just rebuilt by the 2010 Construction Cabin campers. Our Chapel is in the same location as it was in the first summer of 1903. These historic places are still an active part of everyday camp life.

Camper Cabins

Our camper cabins are home to 8-9 boys and two staff members. These rustic structures allow boys to experience camp by flashlight and lantern. There's no electricity or indoor plumbing; campers use modern washhouses that are centrally located in each village. Each cabin has bunks and cubbies for storage. All the cabins in our Iroquois Village were built by our very own Construction Cabin campers. There are eight to ten cabins in each village and four villages in camp. Villages are divided by grade/age - from youngest to oldest they are Iroquois Village, Pioneer Village, Frontier Village, and Ranger Village.

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