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#berkshireoutdoorcenter is a photographic contest across social media with winners announced each month. Photos tagged with #berkshireoutdoorcenter are automatically entered into the draw. If you would like to participate in this contest, simply post your Berkshire Outdoor Center photo or experience on Instagram or Facebook, and each month we will draw a winner.

2014-fotc-group.jpgJeremie Knight, 2014

Each monthly winner will have their photo highlighted on our website and will be able to choose between these two prizes:

A $50 certificate for use in the Berkshire Outdoor Center store - buy a hoodie, a few shirts and waterbottles


$200 credit to a future group booking for your group - help others in your group who cannot afford to pay by reducing their rate for them.

We've included some photos here that inspire us, and we hope they will inspire you too. Don't forget to hashtag your photos with #berkshireoutdoorcenter to be entered. This contest is open to all staff and guests of Berkshire Outdoor Center.

Copy_of_IMG_6481.JPGWill Malcolm, 2013

2014-fotc-fire.jpgJeremie Knight, 2014

woodpecker.jpgSteven Hamill, 2014

broken_bridge_1.jpgKristina Lewis, 2013

2014-fotc-fly.jpgJeremie Knight, 2014

nat1.jpgNat Adams, 2014

2014-fotc-archery.jpgJeremie Knight, 2014

pond_ecology_training.jpgSteven Hamill, 2014

nat4.jpgNat Adams, 2014

nose_jousting.jpgKristina Lewis, 2013

2014-fotc-cargonet.jpgJeremie Knight, 2014

jose.jpgJose Carlos Reyes, 2014

bluets_at_lane.jpgAmber Banta, 2014

donovan_waterfront.jpgDonovan Driscoll, 2014

2014-fotc-waterbottles.jpgJeremie Knight, 2014

2014-fotc-sign.jpgJeremie Knight, 2014

ice.jpgRachael Cerrotti, 2014

net.jpgDonovan Driscoll, 2014

lydia_beaver.jpgLydia Noto, 2014

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