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Girl Scouts Badge Weekends are the perfect opportunity for your troop to complete those hard-to-do-on-your-own badge requirements. Our well-staffed facilities here in the Berkshires provide the perfect opportunity for your troop to get that badge! (If your troop just wants to come for a fun weekend, that's fine too!)

Troops may book any time between late August and early June. We accept troops as small as 15 girls. If your troop is smaller, we suggest partnering with another troop for the weekend. We offer programs for Scouts of any age (and go beyond our most popular Junior activities listed below). Girl Scout Troops receive a discount off our published prices. Please call for exact rates for your preferred program.

Our incredible climbing tower, high and low ropes courses are managed by quality staff who have the experience of professional training and thousands of participants using the facilities each year.

We own 100% of the land around our magnificent ponds, resulting in exclusive access for our user groups. We have kayaks and canoes that can explore all the bays and inlets in our two major aquatic areas- Rudd Pond and Smith Pond. Each camp also has its own well-managed waterfront. Staffed with lifeguards trained by the American Red Cross, the waterfronts are the perfect location to get those swimming or boating requirements done!

And you want nature and ecology? You got it - we have 1,350 acres of wilderness to explore, including forests, beaver meadows, wetlands and bogs.


Here are the options for activities that we can offer which will help girls work towards achieving particular badges. Please consult the Junior Girl Scout Badge Book for descriptions of the activities.

  • Adventure Sports
  • Kayaking
  • Ropes It
  • Climb the Walls
  • Ecosystems
  • Be an ecologist
  • Traveling through time
  • Identify that tree
  • Eco-games
  • Finding Your Way
  • Know Your Maps
  • North, South, East West
  • Trail Signs
  • Hiker
  • Comfort and the Right Stuff
  • Know your first aid
  • Be an Explorer
  • Share the fun
  • Small Craft
  • Staying Afloat
  • All Hands on Deck
  • From Bow to Stern
  • Permission to Board
  • Shove Off
  • Thar She Blows!
  • Swimming
  • Know Water Safety
  • My Buddy and Me
  • Go Swim!
  • Helpful Swimmer
  • Underwater Swimmer
  • Diver
  • Water Fun
  • Safety First
  • A Balancing Act
  • Get in the Swim of Things
  • Water Games
  • Precious Water
  • Look Closely
  • Your Outdoor Surroundings
  • Pack It Up
  • To Protect the Environment
  • Classifying Outdoor Object
  • An Outdoor Career
  • What do You See
  • Take a Nature Hike


We are happy to tailor an event for Girl Scouts of any age. Please let us know if there are specific Try-Its or badges that your troop would like to work on. For the best program, we encourage you to select badges on the same theme as the Junior Badges or any of our school activities. With advance notice we will make sure activities are focused on badge requirements.


Once you have reserved your space with the Becket-Chimney Corners YMCA and picked the activities you would like to engage in, our YMCA Program Directors will schedule your troop for class sessions with our staff. Your troop leader will receive a schedule for your visit about 2 weeks prior to the weekend. Some activities may take longer than others to complete, so the number of activities your troop will complete may vary. Please note that troops of similar ages may be combined for some activities.

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