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Can you imagine seeing Camp Becket covered in 3 feet of snow? What about a frozen Smith Pond at CCC? This place is incredible in winter! So how does Winter Camp run with all this snow? Camp runs as usual... well, almost!

We still have village/unit activities and cabin activities. What about afternoon activities? Of course! The activities are different, because they would be impossible to do in the summer months! See what Winter Camp has to offer:

activities_monday_026.jpgCross country skiing

Can you ski? If the answer is yes, then you can spend time skiing this winter along the Intercamp Trail from Chimney Corners to Camp Becket. Ski (with a guide) from the Camp Becket Library straight across to Rocky Point! Or if you can't ski, our professional staff will teach you to ski.

All our "New Skier" instruction will happen on the Ina Gibson Lodge Field and then those campers will head around Smith Pond on groomed trails.


Snowshoeing is easy, and it is great fun too. We will teach winter campers how to snowshoe and then take them on guided nature hikes along the Becket-Chimney Corners YMCA Trail System. We have miles and miles of trails through our 1,350 acres of forests, and along the way we will stop and explore the forest floor .

Snowshoeing is the best way to get around camp in winter. And we're not talking those old fashioned tennis racquet snowshoes! Our snowshoes are Tubbs snowshoes.

Ice Skating

With our skating rink and ice skates, you could spend an afternoon ice skating at Chimney Corners! Our outdoor skating rink, located behind the Chimney Corners Camp stables is the perfect spot to learn to skate, or to practice your skating skills. Campers may bring their own skates or use our Bauers.

There will be plenty of opportunities for more experienced campers to teach some of the younger ones how to skate too. So if you want to spend some time ice skating this winter, Chimney Corners is a great place for you.


So what is broomball exactly? Well... can you imagine a really friendly game of ice hockey, but instead of sticks you use brooms and instead of a puck you use a tennis ball?

Broomball sounds simple, but it is awesome! And year after year in our winter programs, broomball makes the evals - "Broomball rocks!" for example.

Downhill Tubing

So if you wander down behind the skating rink and around to the left, you will discover our downhill tubing hill. Equipped with lights for night-tubing, the tubing hill is a fantastic ride down the slopes of Chimney Corners Camp. It is fun for all ages, well supervised, and is a great break from the structured, scheduled day. Just good old fashioned tubing fun.

Arts & Crafts

While the focus of our programs is on outdoor pursuits, we do have some indoor activity options, including Arts and Crafts! Candle making, jewelry making, painting, drawing and some other clever activities will be on offer throughout the week to winter campers. Our Arts and Crafts activities will be held in the Arts Center classrooms and run by our experienced staff.

Low Ropes

Our low ropes courses at Becket-Chimney Corners YMCA are some of the best in the country, and winter doesn't stop us getting out there on Low Ropes! There are at least 5 or 6 excellent winter elements that each of our cabins can participate in.

Low Ropes helps develop campers' leadership skills, communication skills, cooperation and understanding. And these are the activities that our year round program instructors do best.


Campers will be able to challenge their climbing skills on our indoor climbing wall. Our wall is located inside our dining hall and has 3 routes, of varying difficulty. Climb Away!


Cooking has a standing tradition among our oldest campers. Winter Camp Iron Chef has seen some "interesting" dishes with our mystery ingredients. However, in 2012 we will be offering a more traditional cooking activity. Campers will learn how to read a recipe, measure ingredients and cook a dish.

Saratoga South Talent Show

Camp Becket and Chimney Corners Camp each have a talent show called Saratoga South. This tradition is carried into Winter Camp. On Thursday night, our Leaders in Training host our annual talent show. If you can sing, dance or have any other talent, please plan on sharing it with our Winter Camp community.


Winter Camp will open with a campfire. Staff are happy to perform and encourage all campers to participate in our campfire.

Cabin Chat

Cabin Chat is a tradition from both camps that allows the cabin groups to bond together. It is a time for sharing among your cabin mates and is an important part of every day at camp.

ski_trip_031.jpgSki Butternut Ski Trip (optional)

Winter Camp also includes an optional day trip to Butternut Ski Area in Great Barrington, Massachusetts (about 45 minutes from Becket-Chimney Corners YMCA). This day out at the mountain will include ski or snowboard rental (or you can bring your own), helmet rental, a lesson by staff at the mountain (if required by parents) and a full day lift ticket for Butternut. Campers will be paired by ability and will check in regularly with our YMCA staff. The day trip also includes lunch and transportation to and from the mountain.

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