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Rocky Point Glamping

Have you ever longed for those star-filled evenings out on Rocky Point, but can't handle the idea of 'roughing it?' Do you reminisce the days of cooking over the fire, but are done with hot dogs? Are you too luxurious in life to sleep on the floor? We have the answer: Glamping at Rocky Point, hosted by Berkshire Outdoor Center. Glamping refers to 'glamorous camping' and your experience at Rocky Point is nothing short of this!

If you just renewed your wedding vows, got married, fell in love or just yearn for a comfortable evening across Rudd Pond, you really should look into this. Rocky Point Glamping is for couples, but there is an option to bring another friend-couple with you. They would spend activities together with you, but retire to their own shelter at Long Point for the evening.

Rudd Pond Rowboat

Arrive at 2:00pm on the day of your choice, and check-in with your maître d'hôtel at the Camp Becket library. After a small paperwork party, your host will bring you to our docks, where your oarsman awaits in our humble Rudd Pond Rowboat. As you relax with chilled champagne and fresh berries, your oarsman will bring you across the fabulous Rudd Pond, by way of the 440s an infamous, shallow collection of rocks, to the famed Rocky Point.

Once onshore, your maître d'hôtel will check you into your accommodation at 4:00pm. Once checked in, the maître d' will leave you for a short while as you settle in. Our porter will arrive shortly after with your bags.

Rocky Point Accommodation

For couples, Rocky Point's Adirondack shelter will be your home for the evening. For pairs of couples, Rocky Point will serve as the base for afternoon and evening activities, but the second couple will sleep at Long Point overnight shelter (rowboat transportation provided).

Your accommodation includes a queen bed with night stands, lanterns, mosquito nets and carpets, as well as a dining area. Additionally, there are rocking chairs adjacent to the cabin, Adirondack chairs down a short path nearer to the water, camping chairs with fishing poles and a couple of fire-side chairs. Small areas are lit with solar powered lights and a toilet is provided a short walk from the shelter. There are no bathing facilities, but there are wash basins available for use. Finally, there is a small changing tent, if needed.

You will also find a basket of fresh fruits and bottled water upon your arrival. All linens and towels will also be provided. Guests will also be provided with a direct-line cell phone for 24 hour contact with your maître d'. Insect repellent is also provided.

For the remainder of the afternoon, you are invited to spend time alone, or exploring Rocky Point and Long Point on foot, go canoeing in the coves of northern Rudd Pond with our Adventure Specialist, or participate in a nature hike led by our Naturalist. There will also be opportunities for private swimming (with a lifeguard) or relaxing in the fall sun.


At around 6:00pm, you will see our Oarsman returning with our Chef de Cuisine and our Adventure Specialist. While the Chef prepares your four course meal, the Adventure Specialist will build your evening campfire and then set the table for your sunset dinner.

Grilled lobster, sauteed scallops, filet mignon, grilled vegetables of your choice, personalized salads and luxurious desserts. The meal will be five star, served with red or white wine, beer, San Pellegrino water and other options of your choice. The meal can be tailored to suit your personal tastes as well as allergies or other dietary needs. The meal will be cooked on our baby-q which will leave with us at the end of the evening, along with all of the dirty dishes and food scraps.

After Dinner

After dinner, our Chef and Adventure Specialists will clear the table, and leave you with S'Mores supplies, plenty of firewood and a burning fire for your evening campfire. They will also leave you with your choice of beer or wine, plenty of water and a fire extinguisher, should you need it.

Before departing, the staff will prepare the mosquito net for your night, and remind you to call with any needs.


Nobody expects you to wake up from your peaceful slumber in nature at sunrise, but if you do, you could get some early morning fishing, take out a canoe, go for a refreshing dip, take a walk in the thousands of acres of woodlands and wetlands, or just relax in bed!


We will have predetermined a time with your for our Chef to return to prepare your breakfast. Just like dinner, this will be a five star affair. It will include fresh fruit compotes, a variety of yogurts, grilled bacon, eggs, pancakes and a variety of fruit juices.

Morning Activities

This glamping experience is designed to be down-time. Immersed in serene nature, very gentle, quiet activities for 2-4 people. However, if you need a little more adventure, our adventure specialists can hike you to our climbing tower, ziplines, archery ranges or take you on trail runs. The morning is yours, and our staff will be available and ready. We will return you to our Camp Becket library for checkout around 12:00pm noon and send you on your way: fully recharged, fully relaxed and in love with your Becket experience.


  • $400 per person (minimum 2, maximum 4)for glamping at Rocky Point and/or Long Point, all inclusive. Designed for couples.


Rocky Point Glamping is available in the fall season only, on a first-come, first-serve basis. Reservations are now available for 2017.

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