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Every college group is unique, and most colleges need to be involved in tweaking the program to match their needs. With this option colleges can mix and match activities to fit the particular needs of their group.

We have a couple of recommendations:

  • Remember to include some recreational activities to break up the intensity of the day. To focus on teambuilding and low ropes for an entire day for example, can be overly intense. Most people need a period of recreation to help them internally debrief the activities they just participated in.
  • The ideal length of stay is 3 days. Sometimes this is not an option due to other constraints - usually financial in nature. The shorter the stay, the less impact it has on the individuals who participated. The overnight stay is often a powerful bonding experience and is as much a part of the highlight as the activities themselves.
  • Our Program Directors have recommendations, based on the staff that we have working with your group. Staff have particular strengths, and the Program Directors know them well. Use the Program Directors knowledge and advice help you shape the program that you want for your participants.

Popular Activity Choices

  • Challenge Course - High Ropes
  • Challenge Course - Low Ropes
  • Teambuilding
  • Alpine Tower
  • Outdoor Climbing Towers
  • Indoor Climbing Wall
  • Canoeing/Kayaking
  • Cross-Country Skiing, snowshoeing
  • Sauna
  • Leisure time - basketball, tennis, swimming, ice skating

Other Options

Meal Service - Regular meals and upgraded meals are available for college groups. Visit our Meal Services section to learn more.

Service Learning - There may be an option to participate in community service projects at our facilities. Call us at 413 623 8991 to learn more about these opportunities.

Conference and Retreat Programs

Many colleges and universities use our programs to run their student orientation programs and see it as an opportunity for new students to get to know each other prior to the school year. Other colleges use our facilities as more of a retreat - to plan for the coming school year or other events and activities. You can do as much or as little programming with us as you wish, and your stay can be on weekdays or weekends, any time of the year.

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