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Concourse Village Rising Leaders Program

Becket-Chimney Corners YMCA’s Berkshire Outdoor Center is proud to partner with Concourse Village Elementary School in a brand new summer leadership program for students. The number one rated camp in the United States of America, Becket-Chimney Corners YMCA has a 115 year history of providing summer camp experiences to thousands of children.

Concourse Village Rising Leaders Program intentionally combines elements of childhood summer fun, with academics and an at-school summer camp experience. Specifically, combining the joy of the summer camp experience, such as working in small groups to produce a talent show, participating in carnivals and field days, with activities that help stem summer learning loss, such as continuing the great work the school does with mind maps, journaling and reading.

For the majority of the 4-week program, children will work in small groups of 8-10 campers, paired with a highly experienced counselor, learning to improve their social and emotional awareness. The program will focus on social aspects such as: What it takes to be a good working group member, a good friend, a good family member/sibling, and self aspects, such as: What do I enjoy and why do I enjoy that? Additionally, children will be labeling their feelings as they experience them throughout the summer, making new friends/seeing each other in a new light, learning to negotiate, be flexible, tolerant and patient.

The program will combine an incredible amount of fun activities that allow children to be children and experience summer play and when this is combined with building social skills and emotional awareness of themselves, it will give them a head-start on the school year ahead. The small groups of 8-10 with the same counselor for the duration of the summer will help the group build a ‘cabin’ bond that is critical to the iconic summer camp experience. We hope that you will join our summer community for the upcoming program.

The program will operate Monday to Friday from July 15 – August 18, 2017.

To Register, you must be a current third grader at Concourse Village Elementary School

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