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Information for American Campers

Berkshire Happy Camp is an incredible opportunity for children of the Berkshires to meet other children from the other side of the world, being part of a global community. During the program, American campers will have the opportunity to learn about Chinese culture, language and food. Just as powerful will be the opportunity for American campers to teach the Chinese campers about their own culture, language and lifestyle, and about their beautiful Berkshires. Additionally, American campers will come to realize that the Chinese children are not a lot different than themselves. Hopefully, following this program, they will continue their global friendship for many years to come.


Day Program or Residential Program Options

Chinese participants sign up for the two-week or three-week programs, which run throughout the summer. American campers have the option of signing up to as many of these programs as they wish, and can select between being day-only participants or overnight participants.

During each program, the American camper will be paired with a Chinese camper 1:1 of the same age and gender. Throughout the program, they will have the opportunity to spend time together and looking out for one another. However, just like our other programs, campers will also be part of a group and will get plenty of interaction with a variety of children.

Children will be in groups of 8, with other children of approximately the same age. Our goal is to mix the group relatively evenly between Chinese and American participants.


Daily Program Structure

The day begins for both day-only participants and overnight participants at 8:00am at Becket Day Camp. At this time, campers will enjoy a hot breakfast and have the opportunity to socialize together. Following breakfast, there is some free time - a great chance to get in a quick game of Ga Ga Ball, followed by the arrival of the rest of Becket Day Camp by 9:00am.

From 9:00am to 4:00pm, Berkshire Happy Campers will participate in the Becket Day Camp program and then from 4:00-6:00pm they will participate in exclusive Happy Camp programming. This after-hours opportunity to use Becket Day Camp might include a paddle in canoes on Rudd Pond, archery, teambuilding, language learning (English and Chinese) or a myriad of other activities that our counselors have lined up.

At 6:00pm, Berkshire Happy Camper will enjoy dinner and then evening activities will commence directly after dinner. Evening activities can include a sunset hike, night experience, campfire with S'Mores, Escape from Day Camp, Capture the Flag, or any activities that the campers determine as a group (facilitated by staff).

At 8:30pm, the day-only campers will be picked up and the resident campers will head back to Eastover for a 9:30pm bed time.


Overnight Accommodation and Supervision

Overnight accommodation for the majority of campers will be at Eastover Resort. The costs of accommodation are included in any Berkshire Happy Camp fees paid to BCCYMCA (there are no additional costs). Campers will stay in bunk-style rooms with their fellow campers of the same gender. Every group of campers will be supervised by an experienced member of staff, and these staff in turn will be managed by the Berkshire Happy Camp Director.

A select group of Berkshire Happy Campers will be invited to stay overnight at Bard College at Simon's Rock. This will be an excellent opportunity for campers to experience what it is like to stay on a college campus, and they will be supervised appropriately.

All transportation from Eastover Resort or Bard College at Simon's Rock will be provided by BCCYMCA, and is included in the price.


Field Trips

Berkshire Happy Camp runs through the weekends too, and these are great opportunities for American and Chinese campers to see more of the local community. Americans may be invited to participate in certain field trips:

  • Berkshire Museum
  • Jacob's Pillow
  • Springfield Armory
  • Springfield Basketball Hall of Fame
  • The Clark Museum
  • Boston - MIT/Harvard Tour
  • New York City Sightseeing Tour

Additionally, there will be opportunities to participate with Berkshire Happy Camp in our Nessacus Summer Leadership Program.


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