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Winter Camp Counselor - the most exciting and highest paid counselor position at Becket-Chimney Corners YMCA - is one of the most memorable ways to spend your winter school vacation week.

There are two types of Winter Camp Counselor:

  • Winter Camp (Day Program) Counselor
  • Winter Camp (Residential Program) Counselor

Positions are competitive.

Read the Job Description then click on APPLICATION - below.

Duration of Winter Camp

Commences Friday before Massachusetts School Vacation Week at 6pm

Ends Saturday after Massachusetts School Vacation Week at 3pm

Job Description

Qualifications Requirements

You must:

Be highly motivated to work in a variety of roles, particularly in the outdoors

Have at least 1 season of camp experience and/or equivalent leadership experience working with children in a community setting

Have a preference for working with children in the outdoors during the winter weather.

Additional Advantages*:

Lifeguarding, CPR, First Aid

Winter sports experience - Cross-Country Skiing, snowshoeing, ice skating

*Additional Advantages can be trained by us (and we pay you for the training) if the candidate does not possess each of them, providing they are highly motivated and physically capable.

Principle Responsibilities

Serve as a counselor and leader - helping campers have safe, happy experiences that help them grow. Residential Counselors are required to live in a lodge with campers, providing overnight supervision.

Plan, implement, lead and supervise camper activities for mornings and evenings, afternoon skill-based activities and all-camp activities

Further Responsibilities

Develop and ensure a safe environment where campers are protected and encouraged physically and emotionally

Function as an effective team member; be flexible with schedule changes and customer needs

Maintain open communication with all Winter Camp staff

Serve as a host/liaison to a group, which may include serving as the on-call personnel on a rotating or stand alone basis

Develop strong guest relationships with campers and camper families.

Assist in training other staff in areas of expertise

Fully participate in meetings, trainings and inservices

Participate in trainings, meetings and other professional development opportunities

Salary & Benefits

All employees earn a salary plus room and board

BOC Application Process

Thank you for your interest in working seasonally with Berkshire Outdoor Center.


Indicate your interest in working for us by completing the Expression of Interest in Employment form (continue below)


We will contact you for an interview if you satisfy our criteria as an applicant and if we have positions available. We will not contact you if you fail to qualify or if we have filled all positions.


We will invite you to formally apply for a position by sending you a link to My Staffing Pro - our third-party employment application vendor.


You must contact 3 References who will complete an online reference form for you. After they submit the reference, we will contact them to verify.


You will not be permitted to work unless you can verify your identity.

You must be willing and able to bring original forms of ID as listed on page 9 of the USCIS I-9 , in person on your first day of employment.

You can use any combination as listed on page 9 of the USCIS I-9 , but typical ID combinations include:

- USA Passport

- Foreign Passport AND Unexpired, Endorsed I-94

- Driver's License AND Social Security Card

- Driver's License AND Birth Certificate


We only pay via direct deposit. We do not issue payroll checks or pay in cash.

You will need to provide us with either a voided check, OR:

- Bank Routing Number

- Bank Account Number

Please bring these numbers with you on your first day of employment. If you do not have these details, we will issue you with a Rapid Pay Card.

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