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Berkshire Outdoor Center operates year-round programs for schools, colleges, corporate groups, weddings, youth groups, adult groups, families and individuals from all over New England and New York.

Berkshire Outdoor Center is unique – combining incredible adventure leadership programs with environmental education and fantastic recreational activities. Over 19,000 participants experience Berkshire Outdoor Center each year.

Through our unique programs, we aspire to evoke interpersonal and intrapersonal change - within individuals and groups. By focusing on the experience, we can develop social and emotional intelligence, a collaborative group culture, self confidence, leadership skills and a respect for the environment. These skills are taught through hands-on activities that are dynamic and interactive. We provide the opportunity to explore alternative ways of relating to one another in a safe environment, where all participants begin on equal footing. The skills and experiences learned are lifelong.

Berkshire Outdoor Center is home to the most comprehensive challenge course in the North-Eastern United States, with over 50 low and high ropes elements across all of our courses.

Berkshire Outdoor Center understands the value of reaching back into underserved communities to provide its renowned service to all students... [more]

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