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Mid-summer appeal & Challenge

Dear Friends,

Today (July 15), Becket and Chimney Corners staff members already are hard at work creating the magic that brought so many of us back to camp year after year. They are planning cabin activities, battling homesickness, and dreaming up campfire skits. With their every action they are instilling the camp values that have served us so well in our adult lives: love, strength, wisdom, and loyalty, just to name a few. They are doing all this on too little sleep and on a slim salary.

Yet, this summer, the staffs of our camps once again have dug even deeper. At this moment, they are responding enthusiastically to the yearly Annual Fund appeal that their fellow staff members have made to them. The staff’s participation in this campaign already is on track to match the nearly 100 percent giving rate that they have achieved in prior years.

The staff and campers at Becket and Chimney Corners deserve our support, as well. The camps should exist long into the future to teach children that there is a good life to lead and good people with whom to live it. This wholesome, noble message makes our imperfect world a better place for us all. We can play a role in making sure that new generations of kids receive it and choose to live by it.

The Young Alumni Action Group challenges you to join with us and this summer's camp staffs to give today. And, from now through July 29th, our members will match the first $50 of every gift that young alumni make in response to this appeal, up to a total of $2,500! We also encourage you to check out a new giving option for those interested in making their gift on a monthly basis. It’s called Candlelight Giving, and you can find more information here. We will match every new Candlelight donor during this appeal with an additional $25, as well!

On behalf of the current staff and campers at Becket and Chimney Corners, thank you for your partnership and your generosity.

Amici and Agape,

Micah Dornfeld & Alex Porter

YAAG Development Team Co-Chairs

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