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Food Service Cuisine Profile


To ensure that every camper and guest at Becket-Chimney Corners YMCA enjoys wholesome, appetizing, nutritionally sound meals, prepared with care in a clean and healthy environment, where all staff are knowledgeable, helpful, courteous and friendly.


Our campers and guests are a diverse clientele who span the entire social and economic spectra, and range in age from young elementary students to senior citizens. We are dedicated to ensuring that all meals served to our campers, guests and staff are appreciated and enjoyed.

We strive to prepare fresh meals daily, using healthy natural ingredients. Our goal is to partner with local farmers and growers who are committed to sustainable practices and maintaining humane standards.

Further, we partner with a licensed dietitian in order to stay current on dietary recommendations to continue to improve the nutritional quality of our meals.

Our Food Service departments provide healthy food choices for campers and guests to appreciate and enjoy.


We hold six core values when designing and preparing delicious menus for our guests. We focus on creating meals that are:

  • Enjoyable
  • Wholesome
  • Recognizable
  • Plentiful
  • Prepared with care
  • Provide Individual Choice


With the core values guiding what we serve, we adhere to the following guidelines in our menu design:

Meals are made from scratch cooking as much as possible and include a protein, starch and fruit/vegetable. At Breakfast the fruit/vegetable may be on the Breakfast Bar.

  • Foods are never deep fried
  • Primarily, whole foods are served (very limited chopped or formed foods)
  • A salad bar is offered at each lunch and dinner and includes a variety of fresh vegetables, a vegan protein, an animal protein (eggs, tuna or chicken) and at least one specialty preparation
  • A breakfast bar is offered daily with fresh and dried fruits and a variety of sweetened and unsweetened yogurts. Granola and cereals with minimal sweetener are always available
  • Whole grain breads are available at each meal
  • A fruit bowl is always available
  • Water is served at lunch and dinner with 100% juices offered in limited quantities



  • A hot protein option is available at every breakfast. These may include eggs, bacon, sausage or other meat protein
  • Soy milk is available by request and a vegan protein is available on the breakfast bar to serve vegan protein requests
  • Fruit is available at every breakfast

Lunch and Dinner

  • The main buffet (Chimney-Corners) or dinner table (Camp Becket) has a fruit and/or vegetable option at every meal. This option may include a cooked vegetable or a specialty salad (on occasion)
  • A vegan protein option is available at every lunch and dinner on the salad bar. Options rotate daily to include tofu in various forms and/or a bean (served plain, as hummus or other bean spread or in a bean salad)
  • Hard boiled eggs are offered as a daily item on the salad bar


  • Whenever dessert is served, fresh fruit is also offered. Fruit can either be whole or as an unsweetened fruit salad


The following are specific dietary needs that are accommodated in all camp meals. Campers and guests wanting to adhere to these particular dietary styles will always find a full meal including a protein, starch and vegetable awaiting them. These items are exclusive of the salad bar - which may constitute an additional meal option, but will not serve as the only way to satisfy these dietary needs.

  • Vegetarian - All soups served are vegetarian and may help to fulfill the vegetarian protein option.
  • Allergies - Option to avoid of any of the Big 8 Food Allergies: Gluten, Eggs, Nuts, Peanuts, Shellfish, Fish, Soy and Dairy
  • Low Carbohydrate - we will work with Diabetic guests to count carbohydrates. This is accomplished by providing a protein and vegetable as main choices each meal, or salad bar alternative.

In addition, the following dietary styles are held in awareness as noted:

  • Reduced Sugar and Processed Carbohydrate Quantities - An awareness is given to the amount of sugar and processed carbohydrates that are offered in a day. Carb heavy meals will not be served back to back.
  • Vegan - Menu design will ensure that a vegan protein, carbohydrate and vegetable are available. However this may dictate that a vegan camper must utilize the salad bar or breakfast bar to supplement or exclusively fulfill a vegan meal preference.


While maintaining a commitment to the core values, the overall goal is to continually move toward the following:

  • Use of more scratch cooked foods
  • Increase in local food consumption
  • Establishment of a budget friendly, beneficial, on-going relationships with local farms to supply as much local produce as possible, in season
  • A move toward using only 100% natural foods
  • A reduction in foods with artificial colors, preservatives, additives, hydrogenated oil, high fructose corn syrup or artificial sweeteners
  • Elimination of the use of meats (beginning with poultry) grown or processed with hormones and/or antibiotics
  • Elimination of meats processed with nitrates/nitrites
  • Replacement of top GMO foods with non-GMO alternatives
  • Reductions in foods containing soy, corn, sugar and canola oil
  • Creation of choice by utilizing a service style that increases camper/guest ability to choose cuisine type on a daily meal by meal basis

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